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Gross Pollution Traps

Easy to Install Stormwater Treatment Solutions

Halgan Gross Pollutant Traps (GPT’S) are designed to meet the specified stormwater water quality objectives for surface water. 

Capturing litter, leaves and debris, and trapping suspended sediment and hydrocarbons. Additionally, Halgan GPT’s removes particulate bound nutrients as well as heavy metals and other pollutants that are particle-bound.

The GPT has a range of applications, including:

  • Council work depots
  • Bus and train stations
  • Roadside drains
  • Packaging warehouses
  • Car parks
  • Industrial sites
  • Small subdivisions
  • Pre-detention
  • Pre-screening bio-retention systems

Which model is best for me?

Halgan GPT100 Gross Pollution Trap

Halgan GPT100 Gross Pollution Trap

The HalganPure GPT is easy to install in almost any location, and has been developed as part of our dedication to sustainable environmental treatment solutions.

Main Features

• Risers available to allow depth of 2.7m to pipe invert
• Easy installation for all pipes up to 375mm diameter
• Maximum design flow = 152L/sec (capacity)
• For use in systems where pipe and fittings under 100mm are not permitted
• Captures up to 95% of pollutant particles over 1mm
• Captures 80% of sediment down to 75 microns
• TSS Removal >70%
• Total Phosphorous Removal >30%
• Free oil storage capacity 220 Litres
• For catchments up to 1ha
• Gross weight 154kg

How it works

Step 1
The HalganPureTM Compact GPT captures litter, debris, pollutants, suspended sediment, hydrocarbons, oils and grease via a vortex, hydrodynamic flow and submerged outlet.

Step 2
The captured litter, debris, pollutants, suspended sediment, hydrocarbons, oils and grease are separated from the stormwater through deflection from our Continuous Separation Screen.

Step 3
The built-in holding capacity and submerged outlet system retains the pollutants in the vessel while also featuring a high flow by-pass system to eliminate flooding.

Step 4
The cleaned stormwater is then discharged back into the stormwater system after removal of the pollutants that are retained in the HalganPureTM Compact GPT.

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