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Solid Strainers

Prevent the introduction of solids and protect your drainage and grease removal systems.

Don't flush money down the drain. Make sure that solid waste doesn’t make its way into your plumbing, or worse yet, into your grease trap.

Solid waste can accumulate in pipes creating blockages that could lead to backups, leaks, and costly plumbing repairs and, if they make it into your grease interceptor, could prevent your grease removal system from operating properly.

The accumulation of food debris and foreign objects that pass down the drain can have unwanted consequences for your grease removal system. Left alone this debris could cause foul odours, affect efficiency, and cause damage to the system over time. Additionally, the accumulation of solids in the bottom of the trap's tank will cause the need for more frequent servicing, increasing your maintenance costs. Using a solids interceptor will prevent issues down the line and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your wastewater and grease removal.

Ideal for busy kitchens’ prep and pre-rinse sinks, our solids strainers remove most common kitchen waste before it can enter your wastewater system. Solids strainers are economical and easy option to ensure that you remain in compliance and keep your wastewater systems running at peak efficiency. Our in-sink solid waste arrestors can be retrofitted into any 90mm sink outlet and feature easy to remove baskets that make cleanup a breeze and ensure your kitchen continues to perform without having to worry about solid waste issues and complying with local authority codes.

Which model is best for me?

Cutts SSBWT Commercial Strainer Waste Basket
Cutts SSBW Commercial Sink Waste Basket

Cutts SSBWT Commercial Strainer Waste Basket

Main Features

Ideal for busy kitchens, for prep and pre-rinse sinks, the SSBWT fits in a standard 90 Ø waste hole, allows only incidental solids (couscous or smaller) down the Council mains.

Features and Benefits:

  • Integral Bottle Trap
  • 50Ø Fe BSP Side Outlet at high level
  • 360° Swivel for compact plumbing
  • Large Removable SS Basket 2Ø screen
  • Fixed 2Ø Tertiary Strainer
  • SS Plug / Stopper supplied
  • 15mm FE Drain connection with Plug
  • All Spare Parts Available


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