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Dealing with the Wastewater of Millions at Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport experiences some of the highest volumes of pedestrian traffic in the country, requiring special planning and advanced engineering in order to accommodate the large mass of visitors that stream through their gates each year. That includes their waste water systems which need to cater for around 10.5 million people every year. That’s a lot of wastewater.

When standard doesn’t fit

To meet regulations in a food court, there would usually need to be a passive, or a below-ground, grease trap installed. However, at Auckland Airport there was no space below ground for this so an innovative solution was needed. With automatic operation and easy-to-maintain configuration, the Bigger Dipper was the obvious choice.

Grease convertors vs grease skimming

One of the preferred models was the Big Dipper, the proven choice for grease recovery. With a strong history of past performance and reliability, the Big Dipper was chosen by most food outlets at the airport.

Although this choice was more expensive initially, it eventually paid itself off through savings on not needing to buy grease cleaning agents. Due to the effectiveness of grease skimming compared to grease converters, wastewater was cleaner than ever.

Minimal water grease, minimal elbow grease

The Big Dipper was easy and fast to install, a non-negotiable for a service that operates 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, like Auckland Airport. This meant minimal disturbances for the food operators and their customers.

Alongside being easy to install, food operators found the systems intuitive to use. The Big Dipper’s automatic operation and easy-to-maintain configuration took the hassle and guesswork out of grease removal. The systems are operating smoothly, transforming nearly 30,000 litres of wastewater per day into cleaner water for New Zealand. Clenz provided training to the operators at the airport.

Come on in, the water’s fine

Looking for a wastewater solution that is environmentally certified? Get in touch to discuss how we can reduce trade waste together.

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